About Me

Hey guys! Thanks for wanting to learn some more about my small business. My name is Sky Brown. I am the owner and soul operator of Feathered Roan! I have been in the western lifestyle & riding horses my entire life. I started beadwork early in 2020 and shortly after that the idea of starting my own small business arose! In March, 2020 I developed my Facebook and Instagram pages. With the support of family & friends my page reached a large audience and grew rapidly. I am blown away with the support from everyone every single day & it means the world to me!

Where did "Feathered Roan" come from? 
My number one "must" when coming up with a business name was to make sure it will always mean something to me. Something that will stand out & be unique. I have always loved feathers my entire life so that was a no brainer to incorporate feathers into the name! Horses are a huge part of my life & roan is one of my favourite colours. My main mare is a gorgeous bay roan named Rosee! She is my spirit animal, my heart horse, my everything. Roan fit into the name perfectly & from there "Feathered Roan" was born. 

Thank you for taking time to read a little about me. I look forward to building more customer relationships every day!